5 Ways a Mama with Little Ones at Home Can Prepare for Her Next Launch!

business strategy homeschooling mama in business Jul 11, 2023

How many of your brilliant ideas are still living rent-free in your head because you haven’t found the ideal time and space to launch them?

Your kids aren’t quiet enough. 

Your house isn’t clean enough. 

And your look isn’t fresh enough. 

If those were the requirements of launching, not only would I not have the business I have today, but neither would a majority of the mamas out there running successful businesses!

Even more important than your space and your face, is the message that needs to be shared! 

But I get it, you’re not showing up because you don’t want to seem unprofessional or as if you don’t care. 

Here are 5 Ways a Mama with little ones at home can prepare for her next launch!

1. Batch Content 

It’s vital that you show up every single day of your launch. If you think you’re talking about your offer too much, chances are, you aren’t talking about it enough! But just because you have to show up every day that doesn’t mean you have to do it in real time. You can pre-record Instagram stories, TikTok videos, Reels, Youtube videos, Podcast episodes, etc.

Here’s what you need in order to batch your content - a launch plan!


2. Take Your Time

Launches aren’t made to start and end in 48 hours. Even if the cart is only open for 48 hours (which typically carts are open anywhere from 7-14 days), you’ll need to include the pre-launch and the post-launch into the equation. Launches are a marathon, not a sprint. I can already hear you, “How am I supposed to make it through 14 days of a launch?” But this is a good thing! It means you can pace yourself. It means you have time to make a lasting impression. It means you don’t have to make all of your money in 2 days' time! Ride the wave, mama!

Here’s what you need in order to keep your pace - a launch plan!


 3. Camera Magic

If you don’t think that my house is in chaos 90% of the time…then I’m doing something right! 😉! It’s called camera magic! I’m really good at tilting that camera so that you can see only what I want you to see. Mamas, there are days when I am business on the top and comfy on the bottom. But my audience would never know it because I angle the camera so you can only see the business side. I’ve taken pictures of my spotless workspace and just behind me is a pile of laundry that I washed 5 days ago but still haven’t gotten put away. That beautiful view off my back lanai that you’re seeing, it’s probably because the inside of my house is in shambles! Boy have I pulled the curtain back! But I share all of this with you so that you can see it just takes a bit of creativity and effort to get the job done! 

Here's what you need to execute some camera magic: A little imagination and some props go a long way! 


4. Visual Aids

 It’s definitely important for you to be the face of your brand and to show up and talk to your audience face to camera throughout your launch. But don’t underestimate the power of visual aids! This is a good time to note that not everyone learns the same way. There are four types of learners - auditory, visual, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. You want to make sure that your launch is providing value to all 4 of these learner types. Using slides with just text in your IG Stories is not just ok, but should be done intentionally to break up video/picture slides. Creating a graphic with a chart or numbers to really drive home a point you are trying to make is also really helpful! Making sure you add captions to your speaking stories. Don’t forget to use the poll and emoji slider on your IG stories for your kinesthetic learners!

Here’s what you need to use visual aids: Canva is a super helpful tool as well as Capcut but you can also do all of this within IG stories if you are launching on IG.  

 5. Lean into Support

As I mentioned above, a launch is a marathon, not a sprint. You are going to get tired. You are going to want to throw in the towel. Especially if you aren’t seeing the results right away (which, by the way, is normal!). But the success of your launch isn’t really determined by how many people sign up, it’s a success if you see it through! The lessons you will learn and the data you will collect when you actually complete an entire launch are worth more than any customer/client could ever pay you for your offer. So while yes, the goal is to get those sign-ups, the bigger goal is to not give up! And one way you can build that determination into your launch is by building a support system that will hold you accountable and encourage you to keep going! Be that a coach or a community of peers, you need something to get you through! 

Here's what you need to build support:  A coach or a community of others like you who are on the same journey as you! (Psst...I know where you can find both of those! Check out my monthly membership COLLIDE!)


The takeaway:

You are capable of big things, mama, but right now you are standing in your own way! Your launch doesn't have to be perfect or look perfect for it to be a success! Take the advice I've given you here and stop putting off your launch!