3 Tips Specifically for Mamas in Business

business strategy Nov 15, 2023


Navigating the world of business with little ones in tow can feel like a juggling act of epic proportions. But fear not, mama, because this one's for you. In a sea of business advice, let's dive into three tips crafted with mamas in mind, because building a successful business doesn't mean sacrificing your most precious asset—time with your kiddos.


1. Build a Business that Gives You Time and Money

Mama, you're a wizard of multitasking, but your business shouldn't be a relentless time-sucking dragon. Tip number one: build a business that creates both time and money simultaneously. It's not about choosing between quality time with your little ones and making bank; it's about having your cake and eating it too (and maybe sharing a bite with the kiddos)


2. Take the Stairs, Not the Escalator

Picture this: you're climbing the business stairs, one step at a time, savoring the journey. Why stairs and not escalators? Because, mama, escalators might seem fancy, but they don't let you control the pace. Take deliberate steps that propel you forward without leaving you breathless at the top. It's about sustainable growth—no burnout, no maxing out your capacity before reaching those income goals. 


3. Marketing Magic: Make It Work for You 24/7

Mom guilt, meet your match. Tip number three: implement a marketing strategy that's hustling for you, even when you're not. Your business can be a well-oiled machine, making moolah while you're sipping on that well-deserved cup of coffee (that's probably been reheated at least twice).


In a nutshell, mama, building a business doesn't have to be a chaotic tightrope walk between work and family. It's about crafting a journey that not only sustains your entrepreneurial dreams but also lets you revel in the laughter, the mess, and the pure joy of motherhood.

Interested in hearing more on how I incorporate these 3 tips in my own business? Watch this YouTube Video!


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