Getting Visible is better than Going Viral

business strategy visibility Aug 13, 2023

In the social media and online business world, there are two buzz phrases that often dominate the conversation: "getting visible" and "going viral." Initially, they sound like the same thing but the reality is they are very different. While it’s true that both can lead you to success, a deeper dive into these concepts will show that focusing on getting visible is a better strategy for mamas in business who are trying to create success in a world where motherhood and business collide. Let me show you what I mean! 

*Before we jump in, let me just clarify what I do and don’t mean by “going viral.” I’m not talking about accounts that have consistently posted content that serves their audience and now get high views and engagement. I’m talking about wanting to create the next viral piece of content because you aren’t getting the engagement and seeing the growth you desire. In other words - wanting a quick fix. The goal is always to get more eyes on your brand, but by the end of this post, you will see that focusing on visibility trumps focusing on virality. Ok, now we can jump in!*

At first glance, the idea of going viral might sound like a dream come true. Your content is everywhere and in front of the masses, and your business gains crazy exposure overnight. However, the reality is often far from this romanticized scenario. Not only is going viral unpredictable (it relies heavily on factors beyond your control, such as timing, luck, and the whims of algorithms), but oftentimes it’s a dead end. The content that typically goes “viral” is content that “everyone” can enjoy, not just one type of person (humor, life hacks, etc.) So even if you do go viral, the chances that those views convert to clients/customers are slim. Think about it, how many of the views are from people who actually want to work with/buy from you? 

Solid Infrastructure

On the flip side, getting visible is a deliberate, strategic approach that involves consistently showing up in front of your target audience, building trust, and nurturing relationships. People buy from people and they buy things they trust. I’m sure you’ve heard of the importance of building "know, like, trust" with your audience - this is exactly why! Going viral will not build the trust and likeability you need for someone to feel confident investing in your offer. So why focus on it?

One of the main differences between getting visible and going viral lies in the infrastructure needed to sustain long-term success. Mamas in business, who are already balancing multiple responsibilities, need a solid foundation to ensure their business thrives.

Focusing on getting visible allows you to create a robust framework of content, engagement strategies, and customer relationships. This foundation becomes your launchpad for growth, ensuring that each piece of content contributes to your business's growth, rather than fading into obscurity after a brief viral moment. Remind yourself that you are in this for the long haul. Becoming an overnight sensation, a one-hit wonder, was never the goal. 

Speaks Directly to Ideal Client

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again and again and again - Mamas do it different! We build our businesses differently because our circumstances are different. We aren’t in the business of trading time for money and the good news is that we don’t have to be! Your time is precious, and your energy is limited. Wasting either on creating content that doesn't resonate with your ideal client is a luxury you can't afford. Going viral will for sure attract a wide audience but there’s no guarantee that a majority of these individuals are your target customers.

Getting visible, however, involves intentionally crafting content that speaks directly to the pain points, needs, and desires of your ideal client. By focusing on visibility, you ensure that every effort you put in is geared toward attracting and engaging the right audience – those who are genuinely interested in what you offer. And the more consistent you get, the more likely the algorithm will put your content in front of the right audience! 

Content that Drives Revenue

I already know what you’re thinking “Can’t I just create content that is geared toward my ideal client and hope that it goes viral?” You sure can! The problem is that when you are focused on going viral, you try to create content that you think will go viral and you start to veer from the main goal - getting the right eyes on your brand! 

I get it. Going viral is alluring - what’s better than capturing the attention of many? But attention alone does not equate to revenue. You need a strategy that translates visibility into tangible results. Getting visible allows you to establish your expertise, build trust, and nurture relationships with your audience. This is what leads to conversions, sales, and a loyal customer base. By concentrating on visibility, you're not just creating content for the sake of views – you're creating content that drives dollars into your business.

It all boils down to this, as mamas in business, the goal is to work smarter, not harder. The fact that you are a mama with limited time shouldn’t keep you from reaching your goals if you are focusing your time and energy on tasks that create money. Focusing on getting visible aligns perfectly with this goal. Instead of expending energy on chasing elusive viral moments, channel your efforts into consistently delivering value to your ideal client. By leveraging a well-thought-out visibility strategy, you maximize your impact without draining your limited resources.

In the fast-paced world of online entrepreneurship, getting visible is the clear winner for mamas in business desiring to create life-changing results for her family. Going viral might promise a burst of attention, but it lacks the sustainability and precision necessary to thrive. So, for all the hardworking mamas out there, remember: it's not about going viral, it's about getting visible and making your efforts count where it truly matters.

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