How Entrepreneurship Benefits My Homeschooled Children

homeschool homeschooling mama in business Sep 04, 2023

So let’s talk about how homeschooling turned into an unexpected adventure for my kids - one that involves running their very own online bookshop

As a homeschooling mama in business, one of my greatest joys has been watching my children thrive in a learning environment that allows them to explore their interests, develop life skills, and think critically. 

We have been a duo-entrepreneurial family (did I just make that word up?) for the last 6 years; I became an entrepreneur 8 years ago and my husband joined me 2 years later. Over the years, our sons have watched us work from home, take plenty of vacations, and move our family across the world from Connecticut to Hawaii, without ever having to report to or ask anyone else for permission. 

This lifestyle is amazing but can also be super confusing to little minds. They sometimes ask why we have to work at all if we’re our own bosses! This is why we’ve made it a point to introduce our children to the world of entrepreneurship, so they can understand what it means and what it takes. And I must say, the positive impact it has had on their lives has been truly amazing!


Learning the Real-Life Stuff

Homeschooling is all about flexibility, right? I wanted my kids to gain more than just book smarts. I wanted them to follow their passions and gain practical life skills too. 

My oldest son loves creating videos and has been able to really hone his editing skills. We are always blown away when he shows us his work!  And then there’s our middle son - the chef! He’s been able to explore his passion for cooking and get in the kitchen and make delicious bread, yummy meals, and tasty treats! These are just a few ways that we’ve been able to implement passion-led learning in our homeschool! 

But we also thought it would be fun for them to learn more about what it takes to run your own business. These two are always thinking of ways to make money! They ran an art table in our neighborhood, odd jobs for neighbors, and occasionally offered to babysit their little brother when they couldn’t think of anything else. 


The Birth of Our Bookshop

I love that they have a desire to make their own money. And, I love that they’ve come to learn and understand the concept of working for money. However, it was proving difficult for them to find something they could do on a consistent basis and make a real profit. So when I presented them with the idea of opening up their very own online bookshop, they were both super excited! That’s when the learning started! 

Market Research? Check. Inventory Management? You bet. They’ve even had to figure things out like pricing, shipping, and making sure customers are happy. They’re becoming mini experts in the world of e-commerce without even realizing it. 

Each week we take a trip to the thrift shop so they can hand-pick a selection of books that are in good condition that they believe others will enjoy and most importantly, pay for! Their taste in books has expanded like crazy, they’re reading more, and they’re developing a keen sense of what people want to read. 

They've also learned about supply and demand, making decisions about what to stock based on customer preferences, and how to keep pushing forward even if their books don’t sell out right away.


Thinking Outside of the Box

Entrepreneurship pushes them to think hard and be creative. Real problems pop up, and it’s up to them to find solutions. Whether it’s finding new ways to attract buyers or what to do with books that aren’t selling, they are constantly problem-solving! I told them that they will get out what they put in and they have taken that message to heart.

The real-world experience is getting them to think way beyond what’s written in their curriculum. They’re becoming go-getters, asking questions, and figuring things out themselves. These skills are golden, not just for school, but for life. 


Thinking Beyond the Classroom

My kids have gotten a taste of real life ahead of schedule. They’re dealing with supply and demand, competition, and what customers expect. They’ve seen firsthand that success means putting in the effort, being committed, and adapting to changes. 

Plus, they’ve learned that failing isn’t the end of the world - it’s a chance to learn and do better next time. That’s the kind of mindset that’s going to take them far in life, no doubt about it. It’s also something that can’t be taught in a language arts lesson. 

To sum it up, homeschooling took a surprising turn for us, and we haven’t looked back since. Entrepreneurship has given my kids practical skills, their own online bookshop, a knack for problem-solving, and a mindset that’s ready for whatever life throws their way. Not to mention their own spending money and savings. As a homeschooling mama in business, I’m stoked about the confident, well-rounded, and entrepreneurial individuals my kids are becoming. They’re not just learning about life, they’re living it to the fullest and gearing up for a future full of exciting possibilities! 

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