Three Shifts I Made to Scale My Business for a Cross-Country Move

business strategy Jul 19, 2023

In September 2021, my family and I visited the island of Hawaii. 

It was a trip that I had been planning my entire life. Seriously. In third grade, I did a report on Hawaii and I’m pretty sure that’s when my love for the island began. 

Right before I became pregnant with our first child, my husband and I were pretty serious about moving here. We had just graduated from law school and had the rest of our lives ahead of us. But then I found out that I was pregnant and we decided we wanted to stay close to family. 

But our desire to move never faded. 

Fast forward 7 years and we started to feel the itch again. One of us more than the other; I’ll let you guess which one I was (haha). Seeing as we had never been there before, we planned a family vacation. 

My business - Mama of Both Worlds - paid for the travel expenses. 

As I’m sure you can imagine, all we needed was to spend just one day here and we knew this was where we wanted to plant our roots.

But because we were there on vacation, we decided that we needed to come back and stay for an extended period of time. And so nine months later we did just that.

In June 2022, we rented a cute two-bedroom apartment, minutes from the beach, for a 32-day stay. All paid for, by the way, by my business - Mama of Both Worlds. 

It was on that trip that we received the confirmation we were looking for - we didn’t just love this place because we were on vacation, we loved this place because of who we were while here. We were more relaxed and peaceful - all of us, the children included. We were more intentional about how we spent our time - we had dinners on the beach while watching the sunset, early mornings followed by early nights. Some of our minor health issues seemed to have resolved themselves. We truly felt at home. 

We knew what we had to do. 

We had to go back to Connecticut, get our affairs in order, and make it back to this beautiful island. So we boarded the flight back to Connecticut on June 30th with a pretty hefty mission ahead of us and some trepidation that we might not make it back. 

I am happy to report that on December 19th, 2022, just five and a half months later, we boarded a plane back to Oahu to become permanent residents! 

That’s the condensed version of the story. The important dates to recall. 

The real reason I brought you through this timeline is to show you how the shifts I made to scale my business so that this move could be possible. 


See, this entire dream hinged on one super important detail; I had to have a business that could sustain us without any other income sources as a cushion. And I did it in 15 months! (The day we got back from our first trip in September, I wrote down on a sticky note "We are moving to Hawaii in June 2022 and it will be possible because of my business." We moved in December 2022.)

So here’s how I did it. The three shifts I made to scale my business in 15 months’ time so that my family could fulfill our biggest dream to date: 

  1. I expanded my offer suite. I started offering 1:many offers. This allowed me to serve more people with the time I had. I was able to make more money without having to trade my time for money. And I actually got time back, which as a mama is super important to me! 

  2. I focused on getting visible. When You’re selling group offers, you need more eyes on your brand so you can get more students/clients in your programs. Notice I didn’t say I focused on going viral - there’s a difference! (*Visibility gets you paid!)

  3. I learned the science behind a successful launch and I got really good at selling by launching. My first $897 launch became a $3k launch and then a $16k launch, and that has turned into a membership that has already generated $20k in the first half of the year! 


In a nutshell, I started working smarter. 

I remembered what I was good at. Focusing on a 60/30/10 Business Model (read more about that here) was how I built my law firm to 6-figures and I knew it was the way I would build Mama of Both Worlds to 6-figures. 

I took my life situation into consideration when making business decisions. I am a homeschooling mama to 3 beautiful boys. I have no business building a 1:1 practice. I cannot support my children or my clients to the best of my ability if I am juggling too many balls in the air at once. 

Because I restructured my business, I was then able to nail down a strategy that would lead me to the results I was looking to achieve.  The game plan was to get visible. As I said above, when you’re selling group offers, you need more eyes on your brand. I no longer wondered what I “should” be doing to move the needle, I knew exactly what I needed to do! 

I invested in the support and instruction I needed to improve my launching skills. I had done really well for myself when I launched my first group offer. I signed 6 people into my first group program. But I made a whopping $897 because I only charged $147.  😂 Part of that is due to not having confidence in the offer itself (which happens when you are offering your first group offer and you haven’t built a robust curriculum), but the other part of that is due to launching on a whim - winging it, not planning and understanding everything that goes into a launch before the cart opens. Essentially leaving your results to luck and chance. 

If I had to condense down what I did into three words (one for each step of the process) it would be: Restructure, Create, Prep.  And this is why this is the work I do with clients. Why this work? Because it works.

It doesn't have to take you years and years and years to build a profitable business. It doesn't even have to take you 15 months. In fact, if I'm being honest, it took me less than 15 months because I didn't start implementing all of the parts of this process right away. What it does take is a plan, inteinon and action! 

Where could you be 6 months, 12 months, or 15 months from now if you restructured your business to serve your needs, leveraged your expertise to create a 1-to-many offer and executed a launch plan that succeeded?!



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